Our Services

Project Consultancy/Technology Transfer

  • Project consultancy: is a highly specialized field, which requires extensive expertise. Through its network of experts, WICS will provide a quick turnaround time. We follow a systematic approach that includes a thorough analysis of the project; an economic feasibility study; and market research.
  • EAAR Consulting Services (associate of WICS): is a management-consulting firm that advises clients across on strategy, business transformation and innovation. The company has been setup with the objective of providing senior managers with a more effective resource to help resolve complex strategic and operational issues. We help leaders make distinctive and lasting improvements to the performance of their organizations
  • Technology Transfer: is a process by which existing technology is transferred or transformed to fulfill the user’s needs. The strength of a good technology transfer program for an industry includes research and development activities directed to consumers’ needs. WICS will act as a facilitator or a provider of technology transfer as well as understand the needs of the customer to create an environment for innovation that will lead to a successful transfer.



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